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I am Human and It's Ok by Sebastian

“I am human and it’s ok” comes from my view on self-acceptance. Something I learnt and worked on since a couple of years ago. I believe we are here having a human experience, and everyone is going through their own little Universe. We need to accept that we are going to make mistakes, that we are going to fail, that we will face heartbreaks and that is ok. You are meant to. I experienced the joy of self-acceptance when I decided to pursue a long-term dream of mine to create music. Nobody ever knew about it. I was scared of admitting it. Since a little kid, I always wanted to perform, to create music, to create sound, but I never...

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Education is My Passport by Thâmara

Education has opened doors to me that would be impossible to open otherwise. Growing up in an underprivileged family where the culture was to do whatever manual work you could do to earn whatever possible money to eat and survive; I saw education as my passport to a better future. I knew I had to excel and be better than average at school as I had extremely limited financial resources and my single mum wasn’t able to pay for my studies. I always knew I wanted to have the opportunity to work in a big company, see the world from a different perspective and speak different languages. I knew it was up to me to decide which way to go...

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