I am Human and It's Ok by Sebastian

“I am human and it’s ok” comes from my view on self-acceptance. Something I learnt and worked on since a couple of years ago. I believe we are here having a human experience, and everyone is going through their own little Universe. We need to accept that we are going to make mistakes, that we are going to fail, that we will face heartbreaks and that is ok. You are meant to.

I experienced the joy of self-acceptance when I decided to pursue a long-term dream of mine to create music. Nobody ever knew about it. I was scared of admitting it. Since a little kid, I always wanted to perform, to create music, to create sound, but I never thought it was possible. I remember asking for music instruments as Christmas gifts. Every year. When I turned 12 my voice went through a remarkable change. Everyone would notice how powerful it sounded. I remember working as a cashier at a grocery store here in Miami during my late teens and customers would be surprised that voice was coming from a 5”4! They would often say “you have to do something with your voice.” Even a radio producer once gave me her card and asked me to call her. But I just didn’t believe in myself.

Close to my college graduation, I started questioning myself what life was all about and scared of being caught-up in the 9-5 trap. I wanted to go “against the flow.”

I have always had a natural curiosity in spirituality and so something clicked, and I started learning more about it. At the end of 2017 I took a Spiritual Intelligence course that opened my mind even more and made me realise how fascinating is the breathing. It is that one thing that keeps us together. It connects us to a powerful source. It is the connection to the soul. It helped me to be more present and I wanted to help other people feel the same - to connect themselves with their breath and stop living in auto-pilot mode. I then started hosting breathing meditation sessions at work.

In August 2018, I made a brave decision. I decided to explore this dream of music with curiosity and not expectations. I felt stronger to face one of my biggest fears and decided to attend a seminar to check if my voice had any future in music first and foremost. It turned out it does.

I believe that understanding comes when the moment is ready and today I understand that my purpose is to bring love to the world through music.